Wood Stain Color Comparison on Maple Plywood

Our current project is making the bathroom vanity. It is a floating, wall hanging vanity with three drawers and a shallow sink. The bathroom tile is a warm grey and the shower tile is bright white. We were having a really hard time deciding on what to stain our vanity cabinet. At first we thought […]

An Awesome Dish Drying Rack Idea that Really Solves a Problem

An awesome idea for the kitchen! We’ve been working hard on our kitchen remodel and home addition. The Problem We have a lot of utensils, bottles, and large pots that cannot go in the dishwasher. We always hand-wash and set them out on a dish drying rack or towel on the counter to dry. All of […]

Gutting A Backyard Deck For Our Home Addition

mission diy deck demo removal of old wood deck Gutting A Backyard Deck For Our Home Addition Mission: DIY > Projects > For the Home > Making Room for Our Home AdditionJuly 20, 2017 by Mission:DIY New Home Addition Plans are Set Last weekend we made some major headway on our home remodel. The city approved our permits! So, for us, that meant […]

Building Our Kitchen Cabinets – A Hybrid

Building Our Kitchen Cabinets – A Hybrid We want real wood cabinets. We want modular-ness. We want to make our own cabinets. We don’t want to build the inside guts. Mix together and we get a hybrid! This is the ultimate Ikea kitchen hack. We like the endless possibilities Ikea offers for creating a ‘custom’ […]