Gutting A Backyard Deck For Our Home Addition

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mission diy deck demo removal of old wood deckmission diy deck demo removal of old wood deck

Gutting A Backyard Deck For Our Home Addition

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New Home Addition Plans are Set

old back deck with rotted wood stairs

Last weekend we made some major headway on our home remodel. The city approved our permits! So, for us, that meant it was time to take out the deck on the back of the house. 

old rotten wooded deck
rotted area of back wooden deck

Besides the fact that it was in the way of our new foundation that deck was a disaster. It had holes in numerous places. I even stepped through one of the boards because it was so rotted on one end and almost broke my ankle. 

Deck Demo

deck removal

Through the process of removing the deck we found a whole habitat living within and beneath it. Lots and lots of bugs, different kinds of spiders, frogs, our groundhog we named Chewie and several piles of different excrement. Needless to say it seemed to be a whole ecosystem. Not a good thing to have right next to your living room walls.  

back wooden deck removed
removal of wood deck complete

Maybe we won’t have a new deck for a long time as building the addition and other renovations are priority right now. But its an exciting step to see it gone and have steaks in its place marking out the new foundation.

stakes to mark out foundation walls

If you look closely you can see the paint and steaks marking out the new foundation placement.  

Watch our deck removal.

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