dish drying rack that solves the problem of ugly dishes

An Awesome Dish Drying Rack Idea that Really Solves a Problem

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awesome dish drying rack idea that really solves a problem

An awesome idea for the kitchen!

We’ve been working hard on our kitchen remodel and home addition.

The Problem

We have a lot of utensils, bottles, and large pots that cannot go in the dishwasher. We always hand-wash and set them out on a dish drying rack or towel on the counter to dry. All of this stuff is visible, in the way, and ugly.

The Solution

What if we could hide the hand-washed items somewhere?

One of our favorite kitchen additions: in-cabinet dish drying rack drawers!

Hello clean counter-tops, or at least no more visible clean dishes in the sink or on the counter.

dishwasher stainless sink and dish drying rack drawers for kitchen island

The dishwasher is going in on the left of the sink, and the dish drying racks on the right.

We purchased 3 wire drawers sized to fit a 24 inch wide cabinet that we made ourselves. We spaced the drawers out so the top one will fit utensils, bottles, mugs, and glassware. The middle drawer can fit more of the above and short pans and pots. The lower dish drying rack drawer will fit our huge sauce pot and wok.

The front for this cabinet will be a swinging hinged door and will have a metal panel with decorative holes. This will allow airflow for maximum dish drying!

We also plan to line each wire drawer with a towel or dish drying pad that can be washed every so often. It will also protect the wood on the bottom of the cabinet.

We love that this idea solves a huge ugly dish drying rack problem for us that we hated in our old house. We are also lucky to have enough room in our kitchen to devote a cabinet just for this purpose.

cabinet dish drying storage
hidden dish drying rack
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