replacing a cast iron drain with new pvc with cleanout trap

How to Replace a Cast Iron Drum Trap Bathtub Drain with PVC

How to Replace a Cast Iron Steel Drum Trap Bathtub Drain with PVC

How we replaced our old cast iron bathtub drain with PVC.

Our 67 year old bathtub drain has lived a long and prosperous life, but it finally died. When it did we tried reviving it with some heavy duty drain declogger. 

The last time we used it the stuff created a horrible chemical smell. So much so that we had to close the door to the bathroom, open the window in the dead of Michigan winter and wear serious respirator masks for about 30 minutes. Russ found out that drain unclogging liquid is really bad for the pipes and actually can decompose a cast iron pipe!

Since the cast iron had rusted over its lifetime we had a really hard time getting the top off the clean out trap so we could clear the drain manually. It was rusted shut forever. 

It was very clear then what needed to be done which was replace the whole drain with new PVC pipe. The new trap has a clean out too in case a clog ever happens again. 

Our drain is 1.5" pipe. 

We went to the store and bought a bunch of different fittings, couplings, threaded adapters, long length of pipe, and so on. That way Russ had everything at hand and we returned whatever we didn't use. 

What was needed:

purple pipe primer
pipe adhesive
1.5" PVC pipe
1.5" PVC fittings of all kinds
1.5" PVC clean out p-trap
1.5" rubber pipe coupling
rubber gloves!



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    clear blocked pipes - November 24, 2017

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