diy fake grass dog potty perfect for city living or a balcony or patio

DIY Fake Grass Dog Potty

DIY Fake Grass Dog Potty for Your Patio or Balcony

Moving to Dublin wasn’t easy especially with a dog. It was also super difficult to find a place to live that accepted a dog. And with being such a green country it was actually hard to find a bit of grass for him to go…ahem…you know.

The yard, or as called in Ireland, the ‘garden’ was a skinny and sad piece of concrete barely 3 feet wide by 10 feet long.2013-09-12 15.31.142013-09-12 15.31.20

So I decided to build a fake grass potty for Oscar to use at night so I didn’t have to walk him to the park in the dark. Never mind the fact that the park closed as soon as the sun went down anyway, as early as 4:30 in the winter months. There were some things that I didn’t like about the dog potties you can find at a pet store. For one, I didn’t want to change a pee pad every time Oscar used it (its gross, expensive, and not eco-friendly), I wanted it to be sort of self-cleaning as in it drains into the hole in the patio, I also wanted it to be bigger than those teensy ones I found online.

Sourcing materials for this thing was also a huge challenge just because I didn’t have a car, so I had to find everything online to avoid having to bus it or walk with a bunch of heavy stuff. After all said and done it was totally worth it! The great thing about this potty is that it requires minimal tools and you can customize where the potty will drain. Although it ain’t pretty it does work! It was a huge lifesaver!

Materials Needed
Plastic tray (found mine at a gardening website based in the UK)
Metal grid panel (or something sturdy with holes to hold a dog’s weight and big enough to fit over top of the tray)
Plastic crates with holes (mine needed this in addition to the metal grid so his paws wouldn’t fall through)
Fake grass
Zip ties
Tape measure
Flat stones (or something to lift up one side of the potty to create slope)

Building a Dog Potty

Step 1

Start out by determining where your potty will drain. I had a drain hole located in the back ‘yard’.

Step 2

Use the saw to cut a hole in the bottom corner of the plastic tray. If you don’t have a near enough drain you could also be clever by attaching a hose or tube to allow drainage to a point farther away say like your mean neighbor’s garden. 😉 If you have a balcony you could also attach a tube to the dog potty and rout it down to a grassy area.

Step 3

Place the grid panel on top. In my case the holes were too big so Oscar’s feet would fall through. I had to line the top of the panel with some plastic crates that had smaller holes and secured them down with zip ties.

(Does it have to be pretty? The dog is going to pee on this and the grass will cover it up)

dog potty
Step 4

Measure and cut the fake grass to size. You may want to zip tie the grass down if your patio is not protected from the wind. (You don’t want a pee soaked magic carpet flying through the air)!

Step 5

Place the whole assembly in the predetermined location and use something to prop up one side a bit to create a slope for the ‘water’ to drain where it should. I used extra panels from the plastic crates.

Step 6

Be patient with your dog.

It took some coaxing to get Oscar familiar with his new toilet. At first he didn’t understand at all. To get him to understand I took a small leftover piece of fake grass with me to the park. As he peed on the real grass I quickly placed the piece of fake turf under him. Yuck I know. Then I placed the soiled fake grass on top of his new potty and let him sniff around. He immediately understood. Eureka!IMG_3448

How to Clean the Dog Potty

Although this potty would rinse off from the frequent Dublin rain I used to dump soapy water over the whole thing every few days to clean it. If your dog uses this potty for solid waste then you would probably want to make sure its clean after every use. Bag up the poo and throw it over the wall into your neighbor’s yard…or not if you like them. Heeheee.


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