freezer containers of breakfast scramble with eggs and hash browns

Food Prepping to Move into a House Without a Kitchen

Food prepping is now on our moving to-do list! We kind of sold our old house a little too soon and now we are forced to vacate before our new house remodel and addition is done. We are keeping every body part crossed in hopes that we will have finished drywall! So having a kitchen is completely out of the expectation.

Knowing we’ll be roughing it for a while I’ve started to prepare some pre-cooked home made meals and we’ve been loading my mom’s old freezer she gave us.

This seems overwhelming to think about this food prepping task in bulk so I’ve been breaking down the meals one by one.

Breakfast Scramble

Instead of spending an entire day or several days making lots of different dishes I’ve been making extra of every meal as I go. It involves a little extra planning at the grocery store but it has been working so far despite one teensy weensy mess up that I’ll explain later!

So last Saturday when I made breakfast I just made a ton extra! 14 eggs worth in this breakfast scramble! It made enough for breakfast that morning plus 3 more containers. Each container should be enough to feed both of us! eggs and breakfast scramble cooking on the stove

freezer containers of breakfast scramble with eggs and hash browns

pan of breakfast scramble cooked to make freezer meals

breakfast scramble meals for the freezer

I also made a couple of french toast bakeswhich are super easy. All the recipes I’ve ever seen for this call for a cinnamon sugar mixture but we thought that would be way too sweet. So I made a trial and we taste tested it last Saturday morning with some maple syrup. It was awesome and tasted just like the original pan grilled french toast without all the extra sugar overload.

So here is a short little recipe:

French Toast Bake

1 loaf of Italian bread
6 eggs
1 cup of milk (I used almond milk to keep the calories down)
Cinnamon to taste

Cut up the loaf of bread in small pieces right into the foil containers (or an oven safe dish) one layer at a time, pour some milk and egg mixture over the top, sprinkle some cinnamon and repeat until the containers are full and the bread is soaked. Then put them in a 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes with a lid, then remove the lid for another 10 minutes. These cooked in the oven while I was making the scramble.

My Homemade Sauce

Now to talk about the ‘teensy weensy mess up’ that I mentioned before. Over the weekend I made a huge pot of pasta sauce to use for prepping some pasta meals like lasagna, penne, and even some chicken Parmesan. I left it on the stove to cool on Sunday morning while we went to work on the new house. When we came back I was tasked with figuring out what to do with this massive pot of sauce as there was really no room in the fridge.

I started making my chicken Parmesan, turned the heat up on the sauce to get it warm and FORGOT about it! It was on high for like 20 minutes before I smelled the scorch. We tasted the sauce and it was completely ruined. Had to throw the whole thing out! We even tried to scoop the meat out and save it for the dog, but the burnt flavor was so strong that we were worried that it might make him sick. The saddest part about it is that I had all this chicken to freeze and no sauce! So me, an Italian, had to use plain sauce right out of the jar. My Nonna would be so upset!

Here is a picture of my beautiful sauce before I burnt the crap outa it!

huge pot of meaty tomato pasta sauce

And just in case you are wondering why we even keep jarred sauce in the house…well it is because, in a hurry, we like to break one of those open for a quick pasta dinner. BUT we always add stuff to it, we never just dump it straight out of the jar.

But it was 11:30pm, I was tired, Russ had just helped me throw away all the sauce, there were loads of dishes, a huge mess, my brain was fried (I forgot the dog outside for like a half hour) and we needed to put the chicken away and be done with the whole ordeal! My Nonna will forgive me, and when it comes time to eat these meals it’ll be way better than takeout and healthier too!

I’m not done food prepping! This hasn’t detoured me!



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