electrical detaching from the house

Electrical Main Line Loose Connection From the House

**This article is for reference only. Working with electrical is very dangerous, do not try this at home, use a professional.**

Electrical Main Line Loose Connection From the House

We had a major issue with the connection of our electrical main line to the house. Our main comes from the pole to the house, and starting at the house it goes through a metal conduit that is connected to our roof.

bad connection of electrical main conduit

About a week ago we had lights go off in 2 rooms randomly with no sign of lightning or any other normal explanation. With the rest of the lights in the house working we were very confused as to how this could happen. After a quick search online we found that it could be caused by a bad connection between wires somewhere in the house and likely the line that connects the light fixtures in both rooms. This turned out to be a good explanation but it was not the right one.

The next morning we called our electrician who is working on our home addition and he explained that it sounds like something coming from the main. And after looking outside we found this!

electrical conduit from main line pulling off of roof

The conduit was coming loose from the roof and causing a lot of stress on the line.

We needed to fix it fast before the whole thing came down and caused a huge safety hazard!

Russ drew the design of the steel with the holes on a piece of paper. He gave the template to a steel supply company which was the same company we used to order the I-beams for our home addition. The steel came in bare, so it had high susceptibility to rust, so he sprayed it with cold galvanizing paint, and then top coated it with black paint. Galvanizing is what prevents steel from rusting.

new steel on roof for electrical main line

Being super careful not to mess with any of the wires or not to fall off the roof he bolted it over the old metal plate and put roofing tar underneath to keep the roof weather tight.

**This article is for reference only. Working with electrical is very dangerous, do not try this at home, use a professional.**

We did this fix on the house we just sold..woohoo! Of course we didn’t want to leave this issue for the new buyer to figure out since it was sort of an easy fix. At our new house that we are currently building an addition we have hired a contractor to dig a trench and then the electrical company came out and ran a new line from the main pole to our house. The old line was so low that it could have been a hazard and it was also in the way of our addition being built on. So hopefully we won’t ever have this type of issue in the future.

Here is Russ and his dad laying out the conduit for the electrical line to eventually run through. They look like groundhogs heehee. running electrical conduit in a trench dug in our yard from the main pole to the house


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