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Adding a Closet to Our Master Bedroom

Russ and I are in the process of renovating a home we purchased together almost a year ago! We are also working on a huge addition as well! Part of our planning involved using the largest of the three bedrooms as our master. The actual master has an en suite but the bedroom is so small we wouldn’t be able to fit our king size bed, 2 night stands and dresser in it!

We came back to the idea after complaining about how nice it would be to have an en suite bath. We decided to remeasure the room and play around with the furniture layout. Alas we found a way for everything to fit, one small problem…the master still had just one tiny closet.

We decided to steal the closet from the adjacent room so we could have 2 closets in the master. All we did was open up the closet from the master, and frame it out to close up the old opening from the spare room. My aunt gave us an old TV stand that we will refurbish into an armoire in place of the closet we stole.

Here is the floor plan with our king bed and other furniture all fitting snugly with plenty of access to both our closets. The new one, closest to the door, was just flipped around to be accessible from the master side. An armoire will go in its place for storage in the adjacent room. master bedroom 2nd closet addition floor plan

Check out the video.



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