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detroit zoo sunsetWe are Russ and Maria, a DIY married couple from Metro Detroit. We both grew up in the area but I didn't meet Russ until I moved back to Michigan after living around the globe. We met in early 2015 at a local bar that had a weekly East Coast Swing night. Our first date was a red carpet event at the Detroit Film Theater. A year later Russ proposed at the same location and then we married in late 2016.

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filling in the hole where the old fireplace was with new floor joists
We are on a mission to get things done and do it ourselves in the process. We love to learn about building techniques and show others how we are accomplishing our projects and solving problems along the way. Check out what we've been up to lately.

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DIY Double Wide Brick Fireplace Demolition

Vertical Wall Hanging Chess Board with Storage

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